We at Mesa Game Lab have the desire to create fun and memorable table top games for people to enjoy with their friends and family.

About Us

Our background is in the visual effects industry creating, and animating creatures and vehicles for film and television. This background along with our innate creativity gives us a unique set of skills that will help us in designing unique table top experiences.

David Diaz is an animator who has spent the last 11 years working on cartoons and visual effects for both television and film. He lives in Oakville, Ontario with his wife and 2 sons who he loves playing tabletop games with. It is this love of gaming and his background in creative fields that has inspired him to begin Mesa Game Lab.

Bryan Howard lives in Toronto Canada where he has worked in the visual effects industry developing various applications, tools, and pipeline software . He started out doing technical rigging of things like monsters and explosions, and later gravitated towards coding tools and automation in languages like python, C/C++, MEL, and JavaScript. You can see a list of the movies he has worked on at IMDB.