Prototype Complete!

December 15, 2017

After many months of slow but steady development I am happy to say the prototype of Primal Ordnance is complete! I even playtested it twice this past week and nothing game breaking occurred which is great. Even just two playtests consisting of two rounds each has shed light on several small issues that I might have to address. But for now I will share some photos and the basic mechanics of the game as it is in this first iteration.

This is the entire game laid out. It sure has table presence! The goal of the game is to win the most Victory Points (VP). The board consists of modular tiles that create a board of hex spaces that your dinosaurs will move on. Each player controls a large Battle Class Dinosaur and three Support Units (Resource, Ground, and Air Support) Each dinosaur has two starting tiles with an upgradable Headquarters (HQ). You’ll notice that most of the tiles have an ore space at their center. These spots are where your Resource Collector will gather Ore.

At the center of the board you’ll see the Herd. The Herd moves itself based on a die roll between rounds. Your Ground Support unit will be chasing the Herd to collect Meat. Your Air Support will provide you with more attacking options. Let’s get closer to the components and go into more detail on the gameplay.

Here are the dinosaurs you will be controlling throughout the game: T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, and Stegasaurus along with their support units. They represent the miniatures that will come with the published game. Each unit has their own starting deck of cards as well as unique stats and abilities which you will find on your character sheet.

The main stats for each dinosaur are Defense, Movement, Energy Production, Max Hit Points (HP), and current HP. The VP track is here as well. To the left you will find your melee attack ability as well as HQ upgrade costs, and a legend for the ordnance card icons. On the right is the resource storage area, a list of stat upgrades you get at HQ levels 2 and 3, and a list of actions that win you VP. At the bottom are all the stats and abilities of your support units. Areas to dock your Ordnance cards can be found at the top and areas to place your draw and discard your cards are on the left and right of the board.

This area to one side of the board is the Market where resources and components are kept. At the top you’ll see the Ore deck. Each time your Resource Collector lands on an Ore space you will take the top card off this deck and gain the amount of Ore on the card. When this deck runs out, the game end is triggered. Next to the deck are the three resources in the game, Ore, Meat, and Energy. Ore, you will use to purchase weapons. Meat, you will use to purchase cards and to heal your units. Energy, you will use to perform actions and attacks throughout the game. Next to the resources are +/- movement and defense tokens that get placed on units when affected by certain cards. Below these are the support unit upgrade cards that cover the Level 1 support units on the character board once your HQ is upgraded. To the left of those are the attack and defense tokens used on your Target Maps. The Turn Order track is next to these. After each round players will choose which order they go in the next round. Finally at the bottom there are extra HQ tiles for when you upgrade your HQ’s to levels 2 and 3 as well as special tokens that get placed on the board when certain cards are played.

This area is the Armory. The card piles marked 1, 2, and 3 are cards you will be purchasing with your meat resource to build your deck. Some grant you attacks and abilities while others give you stat upgrades. At the start of the game only level 1 cards will be available to you. Once you upgrade your HQ to levels 2 and 3 you can buy cards from the corresponding deck. The cards at the top are the different Ordnance you can purchase with the ore resource. For now they are just cards but the idea is to also have miniature weapons that you will physically attach to your dinosaur to customize it’s loadout. Like the other cards you can only purchase level 1 ordnance until you upgrade your HQ. All of these cards also give you VP when you buy them. Here are the current set of cards for each level.

This final photo is of the Target Map. This is what you will use to attack and defend throughout the game using the attack and defense tokens. On your turn after choosing to attack another player, you will secretly place attack tokens on different target areas of the target map based on the stats of the ordnance you are using. The defender will also secretly place defense tokens on the target areas they want to defend based on their defense stat. Once both players are done they reveal their target maps and compare the results. Every defense token in an area will cancel out any attack in that area. Any attack tokens that aren’t cancelled out will do 1 HP of damage each. There are also bonus effects that each area has if successfully hit like critical damage, losing movement points, energy, or victory points. Only one of these bonus effects can occur even if more than one area is successfully hit.

So that’s Primal Ordnance in a nutshell. I’m very excited to finally share my vision for this game and I look forward to refining it through playtesting in the next few months. Stay tuned for future updates.

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