Primal Ordnance


Primal Ordnance is a game where you will battle your opponents using customizable, weaponized dinosaurs.

In a war torn Earth, the remaining clans of humanity fight for dominance of the land and it’s dwindling resources. As a clan leader, you take control of cybernetic, weaponized dinosaurs to fight the ongoing battle. The survival of your people depends on you. Collect resources, build your weapons, arm and deploy your prehistoric forces, and destroy your enemies. This is Primal Ordnance.


Years ago, using prehistoric DNA, scientists were able to bring back the dinosaurs. At first, we tried to use them as entertainment for the masses, but that ultimately failed. We found out the hard way that nature could not be controlled. The dinosaurs escaped their confinement, and populations spiraled out of control. Humans were no longer the top of the food chain. In our quest to render the dinosaurs extinct once again, we ruined our world with the weaponry we employed against them.

Ruined nations clashed and a new type of warfare emerged. With advancements in cybernetic technology, instead of eradicating the dinosaurs, we found a way to control, and weaponize them. The remaining clans of humanity now had to fight with the beasts they once sought to destroy. By arming their dinosaurs with advanced weaponry, clans were able to fight one another without endangering human life. With resources dwindling, the fight for the fate of your clan is in your hands. This is the world of Primal Ordnance.