Primal Ordnance

Primal Ordnance is a game where you will battle your opponents using customizable, weaponized dinosaurs.

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Follow along with us as we create our first game “Primal Ordnance”.

Changes Are Afoot

on January 26, 2018

Playtesting continues and it’s already proving fruitful. After only 7 tests, some with my family, and some with folks at Snakes & Lattes, I’ve gathered enough perspective and feedback to make some fairly major changes to the game. Here’s a list of the changes I’m currently mulling over and the reasons why. Overall the game is still way too slow. For the last week’s designer night I successfully fixed the turns taking too long by having players take only a few actions per turn until each player passes (like Terraforming Mars) but each round still took close to 30 minutes.

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on January 8, 2018

Since finishing the prototype, playtesting has commenced. I began by playing with my wife and son several times. I should note that this is definitely not the type of game they are used to playing, but they both learned the game fairly quickly and we were able to play 2 -3 rounds each test. While nothing game breaking occurred (which is great) it was quickly apparent that each turn and round was taking way too long since those 2-3 rounds took a little over an hour.

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Prototype Complete!

on December 15, 2017

After many months of slow but steady development I am happy to say the prototype of Primal Ordnance is complete! I even playtested it twice this past week and nothing game breaking occurred which is great. Even just two playtests consisting of two rounds each has shed light on several small issues that I might have to address. But for now I will share some photos and the basic mechanics of the game as it is in this first iteration.

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Proto T.O. and designer night

on November 2, 2017

I know in my last post I said that I would make this blog post about the gameplay of Primal Ordnance, but since then I attended two prototyping events and wanted to discuss my experience. The first event was called Proto T.O., a tabletop game prototyping event held here in Toronto. I had first heard about this event while I was attending Fan Expo back in August. After one of the panels I had the pleasure of meeting Pam Walls, the founder of the event and a game designer herself.

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