Primal Ordnance

Primal Ordnance is a game where you will battle your opponents using customizable, weaponized dinosaurs.

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Follow along with us as we create our first game “Primal Ordnance”.

Breakout Con

on June 29, 2018

It was definitely a bit of a frenzy to make last minute changes to the game before Breakout Con. Luckily I wasn’t too busy at work and had the time to put the stickers I printed onto the dice I had bought. The con began during the day so needless to say I was really antsy to get out of work and start enjoying the con. Seeing as work wasn’t busy I ended up slipping out early and headed over to the hotel it was being held at.

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Iterating the Game

on June 18, 2018

It’s been a few months since my last blog post but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy iterating the game. Initially I made most of the changes I outlined in my last post. I recreated the entire board about 20% smaller which took quite a while. But it helped since now the board more easily fits on tables, especially the ones at Snakes & Lattes which are fairly narrow. I completely revamped the end game.

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Changes Are Afoot

on January 26, 2018

Playtesting continues and it’s already proving fruitful. After only 7 tests, some with my family, and some with folks at Snakes & Lattes, I’ve gathered enough perspective and feedback to make some fairly major changes to the game. Here’s a list of the changes I’m currently mulling over and the reasons why. Overall the game is still way too slow. For the last week’s designer night I successfully fixed the turns taking too long by having players take only a few actions per turn until each player passes (like Terraforming Mars) but each round still took close to 30 minutes.

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on January 8, 2018

Since finishing the prototype, playtesting has commenced. I began by playing with my wife and son several times. I should note that this is definitely not the type of game they are used to playing, but they both learned the game fairly quickly and we were able to play 2 -3 rounds each test. While nothing game breaking occurred (which is great) it was quickly apparent that each turn and round was taking way too long since those 2-3 rounds took a little over an hour.

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